Bell sleeves


I am deeply in love with my new knit which I bought like 2 weeks ago. Even though we had a heatwave this week, I had to post a look with this amazing knitwear. I think a lot of you readers know the famous bell sleeve tops/dresses, like seen at the latest fashion weeks in the streets of  Paris. Well H&M made me (and I think a lot of other fashion lovers) very happy when they came with this look-a-like! It's dark blue and so comfy! 
A look I think we will see a lot more often in the stores this season.
I combined it with my favourite mom jeans and yes, boots (something I haven't been wearing for over a year I think) but sometimes I have to leave my sneaker obsession for something else, which is not easy, but change is good sometimes, right? So what do you think about this look and trend? 

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