DIY pompom slip ons


So today I customized my slip on sneakers with some handmade pom-poms. I was inspired by the Joshua Sanders slip on sneakers you see in the last picture. I thought I create my own version with Some Wool pompoms. As a kid I made the biggest pompoms on primary school, maybe you did this also while crafting as a kid, so  Today I made them realy small on a fork. So I created all the same size of pompoms. What do you think about this DIY? 

Read the steps down the pictures: 

 : these H&M sneakers became the pompom ones.

1: create as much as pompoms as Needed, using a fork. Just wrap the wool around the fork.

2: after creating all the pompoms put them on the shoes with special textile glue to place them in the right place. After They are glued I also sewed them by hand to make the pompoms stay better. 

3: the end result! Your own Unique pompom sneakers for les than 30 euro's including te shoes!

Joshua Sanders $515,00

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