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I had an amazing creative artist experience at Adidas in Berlin!!...

This citytrip was a early birthday gift by my boyfriend and it was amazing! 
We rented bicycles on the second day at 'fat tires bicycles store' and discovered whole sunny Berlin by bike! 

I have never seen such beautiful monuments, amazing shopping centres and amazing little streets with amazing one of a kind stores and cozy restaurants. I have been to Berlin before, but I would highly recommend everyone to discover this city by bike, because you will see so much more and it's also cheaper than a day ticket for the underground.

When in Berlin we saw an advertisement by the Adidas Original store about a creator's lounge night in the store that evening, where some creative artists and contest winners Will change the adidas superstar in whatever they want. Just be original. So we thought lets take a look! After i saw  a really long line with people waiting, I almost wanted to leave, but we stayed waiting in the line because we were just to curious. we wanted to know everything about this event and what was actually happening this evening. 

So after we finally reached the entrance of the store we took a look at the amazing originals store and I already saw the the new supershells by Pharrell and other artists. These shoes would be launched the next day. 

I saw some people being creative and painting brand new white superstars into new colours. 
My german is not that we asked a co host in english what was actually happening on this event, He told us the whole story about this event and that the artists this evening were invited in teams of two to create something totally new of the simple and clean superstar. (just like Pharrell did with the superstars) It could be whatever you want, just be creative!

So after our conversation there was one superstar shoe left and there was no guess what?! I became part of this artist's team whaah!! So after this amazing news i had the white shoe in my hands , just starring at it, and then I had to think really fast...ideas were spinning in my head...I had to create something totally new of this shoe in a really short time, there was a time limit of two or three hours. So I saw people painting cutting and drawing the shoes and I almost panicked.. What shall I create?

So I thought lets do something new and original, I was totally not prepared on this so I had to think real quick! I cutted the whole shoe into pieces,I collected all the leather of the superstar so only the shoe soles were left! I was putting the leather together with glue and created a superstar bag for water bottles!!

In the beginning I had no Idea what I was doing, because I was so overwhelmed by this opportunity, But after all I am really happy with the result in such a short time.
It was really nice to be this creative after such a long time, and especially for Adidas! (thanks creative brain and hands for moments like this!)
I left with an amazing artists goody bag full of Adidas items and went back to the Hotel.
My bag is now shown in the window of the Adidas store in Berlin!! 
the bag will later be sold on Ebay for charity by Adidas,  So Exciting! 
I keep you updated!

So if you are in Berlin take a look at their window and see all the artwork of the artists including mine with a little note!

What do you think of my design? let me know!

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