DIY jeans skirt


This DIY is so easy!

Turn your favourite old pair of 501's in to a skirt . (90's baby's Will remember this diy trend for sure! ) I have like 10 pairs of these vintage babies in my drawer, ( yes I am a collector) and I was So inspired by the denim skirts trend that made a Total comeback this spring season, and I was like: Hey, why buy one for 50 euro's if you can make one yourself in only 10 minutes?! 

So grab your siccors, pins and sewing machine, and create your own version. 

1: cut the jeans on the length you would like to have your jeansskirt.
2: Cut the jeans open in the middle.

3: Pin the front Side together

4: sew the fronts together, then start with the back. ( make the skirt as small as you like!)
5: after sewing the sides together start ripping the denim with siccors. 

6: tadaa! Ready for the sun! 
Be Creative and create a patchwork version or iron Some embroidery patches on the skirt for a fun look! 

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