NYC Report


Ok, as I promised, here is a blog report about my favorite places and areas in New York!

First of all, I would advise all of you to buy a ticket to the
beautiful New York, right now! It has been such a great experience to see everything you would normally see on television or in the movies. NYC is throbbing with vibrant energy and lots of things to explore and discover. 

Well, we all know the typical touristic attractions in NYC. However, this is my
list. I want to tell you about some of my favorite places. 

No.1: One World Center.
The first thing I’ll suggest you to do in NYC is visiting the One World Center. Go to one of the most incredible building –and one of the highest- in The City for 30 dollars p.p. The elevator brings you to the highest level in 60 seconds; yes it feels like a rocket.  After being up high, you can enjoy the view of New York, in 360 degrees, in the ‘’Observatory Deck’’. The best time to go all up is around sunset in order for you to enjoy the view at daylight, and at night with all the beautiful lights. As a big plus, you can experience the beautiful sunset.  

I think we have been up there for three hours, just sitting near the windows enjoying every minute of the view and seeing the sun go down.

No.2: Brooklyn bridge
Near to the One World Center, you can find the Brooklyn Bridge. Quite positively a must, of the tourist attraction list, you’ll definitely have to experience. Take a walk on this bridge
-if lucky- on a beautiful sunny day, and you will enjoy the walk on this wooden bridge with a great view the most! Seeing for example, the Statue of Liberty and the NYC skyline. But watch out for the people who cycle on one side of the bridge! All tourists forget about them while being busy taking pictures, leeks!

No.3: Central park
Wanting to run away from all the busy streets, people and traffic, go to Central Park. Take a walk in this huge park, where you can enjoy some good music performed by street artists, while eating a warm salty pretzel, seeing people create dance battles and artists selling their handmade art; from posters sketched of the city, to totally colorful paintings of animals or personal made postcards. There is everything at Central Park!

No.4: MoMA
Mommas is definitely a museum you have to visit! See art forms varying from Picasso to Mondriaan, and some of my favorite Andy Warhol prints. I was also very impressed by an exhibition of modern buildings made by architects from Japan. So clean and
creative, I fell in love! The best suggestion I can give you is to order your tickets online, so you don’t have to wait in huge lines at the cash desk.

No.5: Let the shopping begin!
Now, I’ll give you some of my favorite shopping places and stores.
As most of us, shopping is also one of my favorite things to do.
So here are some areas you definitely have to visit if you want your money’s worth.

SoHo district. Go to SoHo for some amazing designer stores and brand store
shopping. But also spot models and famous people at the terraces and
restaurants. A great place to see and be seen. So put your best outfit on!  Just sit and observe the people that walk past you to get some inspiration.  Did I mention that you are able to do some good sneaker shopping there too?  Lastly, don’t forget to visit the famous department store Bloomingdales. This is a great place to get inspired by the latest collections, and do some great shopping.  

5th avenue to 7th avenue. For some great shopping go to 5th avenue and 7th avenue, also named Fashion Avenue! Collect great fashion items at famous stores such as: H&M, Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret and Uniqlo. Get your coffee at Starbucks to recharge. One more thing, your money won’t stay for long in your wallet spending time in these great streets!

C21 stores. One of the stores that surprised me the most was the C21 store. (Close to one world centre) 
A store with 5 departments where you can literally, shop ‘till you drop. Here, you can find the greatest brands like Acne Studios, Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein, Isabel Marant, Maison Martin Margiela, Balmain and many others for amazing prices! Heaven if you ask me. 
You really have to stroll trough all the racks to find your great treasures discounted up to 85%! So after spending 4 hours there, we went home very satisfied. 

Walmart. One of the things that had been on my bucket list was WalMart. We
went to the biggest WalMart in the U.S., located in Albany, New York. I was literally
reading every package to find out what kind of product it was and what it was made out of, 
until our basket was filled with candy, and typically American food. A basket filled with so many colors and e-numbers, but I thought well... I will just enjoy these sweet, colored donuts cookies, and bags of candy. And gosh, how much I enjoyed it -and still do-. So if you find one close to you, grab your change and go for it!

No.6: Food
One of the best places to get your food (if you are on a budget), are the food trucks on the side of the roads. Do some research to find out where you can find some good ones! We loved these trucks. One of the best stands was the one by the halal guys, close to the MoMA museum! Not only because it was halal, but also because it's very famous because of their amazing menu's. I got the best orange rice, veggies, chicken and white sauce ever!
Couldn't stop eating, and that just for 7 dollars!

No.7: Rockefeller
One of the buildings you also have to visit is the Rockefeller
building. You can still do some ice-skating this time around in the center, to create your own Home Alone experience. Also visit the Nintendo store near to the building to play some games and buy some cute plush!

No.8: Coney Island
Go to Coney Island to experience the Luna Park. This is the one where Beyoncé
filmed her XO video clip, and take a walk on the pier. I’ll suggest going there when the temperatures are a bit higher, to enjoy this area to the max.  Great to have some
fun and get the ultimate-American-Luna Park-vacation feeling!

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